Crude oil pipeline and tanker proposals could have serious ramifications for British Columbia. Regardless of whether you support these projects, the people who live here should make the decision.

Join us in reclaiming our decision-making power.

"I pledge to support a citizens' initiative to give British Columbians the chance to vote on plans to expand pipelines and oil tanker traffic on our coast."

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Our provincial government has the power to approve or deny dozens of permits required for pipeline and oil tanker expansion. That choice is up to us, the citizens of British Columbia.

People who live here face a crucial decision: do we want crude oil pipelines across our rivers and the hundreds of supertankers they would bring to our coast?

Some do. Many don't. 130 First Nations governments have rejected Enbridge's Northern Gateway proposal. Municipalities along the pipeline route have rejected it, including in Kitimat where 90% of the jobs would go.

The government of British Columbia is on record opposing it too. Premier Christy Clark promised to stand up for British Columbia if the federal government tried to force the pipeline through. Here's what Premier Clark said about Enbridge's Northern Gateway proposal back in October 2012:

"If British Columbia doesn't give its consent to this, there is no way the federal government or anyone else in the country is going to be able to force it through. It just won't happen."

If politicians like Clark break their word or disrespect the will of the majority, we can step in. Thanks to our province's unique direct democracy laws, we have the power to put this to a vote. Just like when Gordon Campbell misled citizens about the HST.

Our plan is simple and unlike past initiative campaigns, we are proposing a two-step process.

First, join with allies to lay the groundwork in every corner of the province so we’re ready and confident we could gather the necessary signatures. That’s already happening. Together, we will only move on to the second step if the federal government pushes the Enbridge proposal through — and Premier Clark betrays her promise to stop it.

If enough British Columbians pledge to let B.C. vote, it will be politically untenable for Premier Clark not to stand up for our province. Let’s build real community power and assert our right to make this decision.

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